The Conacher Organ 1872-2018

1866 and the following period provided a distinct change as the Church of Scotland then permitted organs to be re-introduced as an aid to worship after a lapse of over three hundred years. The North East of Scotland was not slow to react and the first organ was installed by
Messrs. Peter Conacher & Company, Huddersfield in Forgue Parish Church (1872) - 2 manualsand pedal. The organ retains its hand-blowing equipment and remains today in its original condition — a fine tribute to Messrs. Conacher’s work. The organ has an electric blower in addition to its original hand blower.

The organ was originally placed centrally with the console below the pulpit. The organ was a gift to the
Parish of Walter Scott, proprietor of the Glendronach Distillery.

FORGUE PARISH 1872 Peter Conacher & Coy, Huddersfield

Tracker action throughout Compass 56/30 notes  
Swell Double Diapason 16 Great Open Diapason 8
  Rohr Flote 8   Stop Diapason Bass 8
  Viol d’Amour 8   Stop Diapason Treble 8
  Gemshorn 4   Gamba 8
  Piccolo 2   Dulciana 8
  Oboe 8   Principal 4
        Flute 4
Pedal Double Diapason     Fifteenth 2
  Sw / Ped : Gt / Ped     Swell / Great  
  Inset Console with drawstops   Hand Blown  


updated February 2018