The Conacher Organ

1866 and the following period provided a distinct change as the Church of Scotland then permitted organs to be re-introduced as an aid to worship after a lapse of over three hundred years. The North East of Scotland was not slow to react and the first organ was installed by
Messrs. Peter Conacher & Company, Huddersfield in Forgue Parish Church (1872) - 2 manualsand pedal. The organ retains its hand-blowing equipment and remains today in its original condition — a fine tribute to Messrs. Conacher’s work. The organ does now also have an electric blower.

FORGUE PARISH 1872 Peter Conacher & Coy, Huddersfield

Tracker action throughout Compass 56/30 notes  
Swell Double Diapason 16 Great Open Diapason 8
  Rohr Flote 8   Stop Diapason Bass 8
  Viol d’Amour 8   Stop Diapason Treble 8
  Gemshorn 4   Gamba 8
  Piccolo 2   Dulciana 8
  Oboe 8   Principal 4
        Flute 4
Pedal Double Diapason     Fifteenth 2
  Sw / Ped : Gt / Ped     Swell / Great  
  Inset Console with drawstops   Hand Blown  

The organ was originally placed centrally raised above the pulpit. The organ was a gift to the
Parish of Walter Scott, proprietor of the Glendronach Distillery.


updated 19 November 2016